4 Signs of a Water Leak in Your Kaplan, LA, Home

A water leak in your Kaplan, LA, home can cause significant damage. The longer the leak goes without repair, the worse the damage will become. The following four signs can alert you to a water leak before the situation gets out of hand:

Water Bill Is Unexplainably High

Water bills are usually consistent from month to month. An exception is if you know you’re using more water and expect a higher bill. For example, you might have guests for the summer and their water usage may spike the water bill.

Under normal circumstances, your water bill shouldn’t skyrocket without an explanation. If it does, that could mean there’s water leaking somewhere in your home.

You Hear Unexplained Running Water

If you hear running water and there’s nothing turned on, that’s a good indication of a hidden leak. A major or a minor hidden leak can become a serious problem, so addressing the issue is important.

Your Carpet Is Soaking Wet or Damp

If you walk on your carpet and discover it’s damp or soaking wet, you might have water leaking somewhere. Assuming there hasn’t been a spill, accident with a pet or leaking water heater, the wet carpet is a warning sign.

The Ceiling Is Starting to Sag

A sagging ceiling is dangerous and unsightly. A water leak can cause a ceiling to slowly sag over time. And since the sag happens gradually, the leak could go on for a while before you notice the damage to the ceiling.

Stop Your Water Leak Today

Don’t let leaking water ruin your home or raise your water bills. Contact Fred’s Plumbing and Air Conditioning to locate that water leak hiding in your home. We’ll find and fix the underlying problem fast to restore your plumbing and peace of mind.

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