Is Your Heat Pump in Broussard, LA, the Right Size?

Various heat pumps have different temperature regulation capabilities. An incorrectly sized heat pump doesn’t match your indoor temperature needs and will fail to keep your Broussard, LA, home comfortable. Read on to discover if your heat pump is the right size for your house.

Heat Pump Runs Constantly

A central heat pump at the right size should warm or cool your home in cycles. One cycle takes between 10 and 20 minutes. In one hour, a heat pump completes two or three cycles. On the other hand, an undersized heat pump will likely work without any breaks.

Short-Cycling Heat Pump

Short-cycling occurs when your heat pump fails to complete its cycles properly. A short-cycling system starts a heating or cooling cycle, stops midway and starts again. While it can occur for a variety of causes, it may be a sign that your heat pump is actually too big for your home.

Uneven Temperature Distribution

If you have an improperly sized heat pump, you’ll probably notice hot and cold spots in your house. An oversized heat pump usually shuts down before spreading the heated or cooled air evenly throughout your house.

Consequently, some rooms will feel hot, others lukewarm and others cold. An undersized system also fails to warm or cool your whole house since it lacks the capacity to do so, thus resulting in cold and hot spots.

Frequent Breakdowns and High Energy Bills

A heat pump’s compressor consumes the most energy when starting. An oversized heat pump consumes a lot of energy because it starts more times than necessary. On the other hand, an undersized heat pump inflates your energy bill because it works for a long period.

Either way, increased wear and tear likely means your heat pump will need repair more often than normal. A service technician can determine if your pump is too large or too small.

After spotting these signs, call our heating experts at Fred’s Plumbing and Air Conditioning to inspect your heat pump to confirm whether it’s the right size for your house. If the service technicians determine you have a wrongly sized system, they will help you choose a correctly sized model and install it for you.

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