4 Benefits of Installing a Home Generator in Broussard, LA

Natural or man-made disasters can happen anywhere in the world, even Broussard, LA. That’s why it’s important you think long and hard about your emergency preparedness plan. A power source is a critical component of any emergency plan. Here are four benefits of installing a home generator that you should consider for your family:

Peace of Mind

A home generator ensures a continuous power supply when traditional power sources go down. This fact offers great peace of mind as it’s one less thing you’ll need to worry about when an emergency strikes.

Preserves Food and Medications

A generator will power your refrigerator and freezer during extended blackouts, keeping your perishable foods fresh and preserving medications. Not only does this prevent waste, but it also saves you money because you won’t have to throw away spoiled food items when the power returns.

Protects Electronic Devices

Sudden power surges often accompany blackouts when the power comes back on, which can damage your electronic devices and home appliances such as a furnace. When you have a home generator in place, your appliances and electronics won’t lose power in the first place to become susceptible to power surges. This can dramatically impact the longevity of your electronic appliances.

Increased Home Security

If you own a home security system, surveillance cameras or alarms, you won’t have to worry about these items not working during a blackout when you have a home generator. Since these items will be running off the generator’s power source, your family’s safety will be in a better position, which is paramount during an emergency situation.

Owning a home generator offers various benefits. If you’re looking for a home generator, contact us at Fred’s Plumbing and Air Conditioning today to schedule an generator installation appointment.

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